Kroppefjäll Trailrun

Kroppefjäll B&B – Trailrun

Running on a reflective track with a headlamp. Challenge yourself and a friend to run in the star night in the Dalsland forests. Kroppevjäll Trailrun was premiered in 2017 and had over 230 participants who both ran and walked with a headlight on a reflective track over the mountain. Kroppevjäll Trailrun takes place in two-man teams and is the race for both the terrain runner but also for those who wish a nice walk in the Dalmatian troll forest. Kroppefjäll Trailrun 2019 expands with a marathon distance for the more terrain runners, but also for those who really want to challenge themselves and their companions. In addition to the Marathon stretch, there is also Kroppefjäll half march and 10.5km.
This year, the trailrun will take place at Kroppefjäll on November 9th. For more information, please, visit www.vastsverige.se

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