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10.1.B Brunnsparken

Brunnsparken is the collective name for several buildings and the park beside Brunnsvägen in the village of Dals Rostock. Between 1760 and 1948, Dals Rostock was a health and spa destination with a fresh water spring rich in iron. People came from both near and far to drink, bathe and receive various therapeutic treatments.

Nowadays Brunnsparken is a place for, among other things, mid-summer celebrations, strolling through the herb gardens, the christmas market or simply a day out in the park with its traditional old houses. The park is owned by the non-profit organisation, Kroppefjälls Hembygdsförening. What used to be the resort restaurant, now houses an exciting museum of items depicting life during the hay days of the resort. A quaint café now occupies what used to be the doctor’s surgery where you can enjoy home baked bread, cake, tea or coffee.

Since 2012 visitors may even see the old pharmacy restored to how it looked in the early 1900’s, full of boxes, jars and bottles. You can also drink spring water from the old well which is also now restorated.

If you wish to know more about Brunnsparken, feel free to ask us at Kroppefjälls B&B or read more at