We offer comfortable accommodation and your four-legged friend is more than welcome to stay the night with you. Animals are welcome in your room and all communal areas (dining room, guest kitchen, lounge and living room), except for the 7th flor (where you find the guest kitchen and livingroom) – as this is an animal free zone. Dogs of all sizes are welcome guests at Kroppefjäll. There is no extra charge for bringing your dog, but please let us know when making your reservation and we will ensure you are given a suitable room. If needed we have an hose outdoors to rinse your dog off, but a tiled shower is included in all the rooms. During your visit we will lend you food and water bowls and will gift your furry friend a small treat. We also have a special package deal for those of you who wish to bring your dog to stay with us!

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There are endless walks you can take here at Kroppefjäll – you can choose between easy or challenging terrain, take a short stroll or a long distance hike. Right outside the door you will find Kroppefjäll Park with asphalt roads between the charming red cabins. A few minutes away Doktor Sadéns Runda will take you through the woods for a walk that has art monuments along the way. Further afield, Dalsland has a variety of paths and trails which wind through the landscape. Feel free to ask us and we will help you find what you are looking for!

Read more about hinking in our area!

At Kroppefjäll we love dogs. One of our houses is even dedicated to nosework for dogs! In House Number 9, Maria Ihrén from ’Nose Work Dalsland’ arranges both training and competitions. Of course she also makes sure to use the beautiful outdoor surroundings. As long as you register in advance new participants are welcome to join! You can find more information at the Nose Work Dalsland facbook page.

In January of 2022 a veterinary clinic opened right here att Kroppefjäll! It’s run by Ellen Nyberg and she offers preventive care, surgeries and healthcare for small animals and horses. Give Veterinären på Kroppefjäll a follow an facebook here!

Learn more about Maria Ihrén, Nose Work Dalsland and Veterinären på Kroppefjäll here!

We strongly believe in the importance of being close to nature and therefore we provide meals that can be cooked and eaten outdoors. Breakfast is easy to bring outside in a bag and if you want to order lunch or dinner the Kroppefjäll Foodbag is perfect! One evening a week during the season, Foodtruck Dalsland parks by our lake and serves a delicious choice of take-way food. There are plenty of opportunities for a meal with your dog in the open!

Take a look at the Kroppefjäll Foodbag!
En bordercollie mot en vidsträckt utsikt över skog.

There are also loads of fun destinations and attractions in the area. We would love to help you find something that interests you and have gathered our favourites here:

Golden spots in our area!