Leading experts all agree that the more time we spend outdoors in close contact with nature the better we feel. That is why we have made memorable nature experiences our speciality and here at Kroppefjäll we have something for everyone.

Our core vision is built on how good we humans feel when we spend time outdoors and we want to make it easy for our guests to enjoy the experience. As well as the park, the woodland lake, outdoor gym and bikepark we also have lots of hiking options just around the corner. For example Doktor Saedéns runda (2,7 km) that takes you to the beautiful view at Brattås and has interesting art monuments along the way, Bore Kulle that offers an amazing viewpoint when you have made your way up (it takes about 30 mins up and down) or Karl den Tolvtes Led (12 km) one of Dalsland’s most popular tourist trails with the option of staying overnight in a cabin along the way. Pilgrimsleden (100 km if you walk all the way) starts in Upperud (15 mins away by car) but you can also join the trail from here at Kroppefjäll. Just half an hour’s car ride away you find Skalåsknatten that offers mountain climbing and scenery at the top that is hard to beat!

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To enhance your experience of the natural environment here in Dalsland, we can recommend guides Kerstin Ljungqvist and Patrick Allier. Maybe you want to hear Kertstin tell the story behind the artworks along Doktor Saedéns runda or let Patrick guide you through the Nature Reserve of Svarvaretorpet with its unique plants and scencery. Patrick is also the person to show you around the small-scale, sustainable farm Sandlycke Gård.

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If you want to explore the forests of Dalsland on your own we can recommend Naturpasset, a map of orienteering control points placed in the amazing nature close to our B&B. Perhaps you fancy taking your lunch with you – try our Lunch Package which contains a tasty filling soup accompanied by sourdough bread. For dinner we offer the the Kroppefjäll Foodbag containing, where possible, local, sustainably produced ingredients, a recipe and everything you need to cook a delicious meal outside at one of the barbecue areas or in our guest kitchcn at the B&B.

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These are just a few of the things you can experience outdoors here at Kroppefjäll. We have many more delightful spots to tell you about – please ask us if you are looking for something in particular. Some of our favourites:

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