Art, culture & history

Visit a miniature train station, drink from the historic mineral-rich freshwater well, learn more about small-scale farming and find out everything there is to know about medicinal herbs.

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Food & Cafés

Visit the local store, shop for sustainably produced meat, organic raspberries or go and take a really good cup of coffee.

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OK Kroppefjäll will help you with an inspiring and challenging training session to suit just you.

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Nature & Outdoors

Discover the wilds of Dalsland on foot and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience!

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Swimming & Fishing

In Dalsland, there are plenty of lakes for swimming and fishing. From our own local Mörttjärn to the larger beaches of Vänern! We will be happy to help you find the local sweet spots.

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Activities & Experiences

Visit a small-scale sustainable farm, the theatre or go and see some miniature pigs. Or even dare yourself to walk a high wire among the treetops.

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Dalsland, why you feel better here

Humans have developed in close contact with nature over hundreds of thousands of years. Only recently were we given the opportunity to build cities and spend most of our lives indoors. Our senses are still tuned to life in a natural environment, which is the main reason why we feel so stressed today. Leading experts all agree that the more time we spend outdoors in close contact with nature the better we feel.

Dalsland is located in a northern corner of the region known as West Sweden. We have Norway and Bohuslän as neighbors in the west and Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake, to the east. Kroppefjäll, situated in the heart of Dalsland is less than a two hour drive from Gothenburg and Karlstad, and less than three hours from Oslo. You will be in the midst of relaxing countryside well known for its incredible variation in flora, fauna and geology. Everything from mountains and fairy tale forests to flat plains, coastlines and countless lakes. All rich in beautiful wildlife.

This versatility gives you a huge selection of scenic alternatives to choose from. Dalsland is absolutely unbeatable for those looking for a great boost of energy and well-being. Welcome to a place of extraordinary experiences!

4.7 Dalsland

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4.7 Västsverige2

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