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A trail that takes you through twelve different nature reserves!

Kroppefjällsleden (The Kroppefjäll Trail), that is located in Kroppefjäll Vildmarksområde (Kroppefjäll Wilderness Area): which is the biggest a in south of Sweden – with its 23 000 hektar in 12 different nature reserves, was opened the summer of 2022. Kroppefjäll is an area in south of Dalsland, surrounded of small communities, one of them being Dals Rostock (where Kroppefjäll B&B is situated). The terrain of Kroppefjäll is very varied with many lakes and beatiful forests. Kroppefjällsleden is combining the twelve nature reserves in Kroppefjälls Vildmarksområde.

Kroppefjälls Vildmarksområde is available and easy to track since the 80 kilometers are well marked. Kroppefjällsleden pose 54 of those 80 kilometers. The degree of difficulty varies from medium to challenging and offers an opportunity to active relaxation. This is a place to get time for yourself or with those close to you. Welcome to the preserved nature and experience views, forests, lakes, plain plateaus, wetland, valleys, streams and a rich biodeversity.

There are four entrances to choose from when you want to explore Kroppefjälls Vildmarksområde:

West: Ragnerud
Norhtwest: Järbo
Southwest: Dals Rostock (where we are located)
Southeast: Buxåsen

The affixated markers for Kroppefjällsleden are purple bands with a white owl. You are more than welcome to bring a map from our b&b with you, when you hike. Ask in the reception and we will help you out!

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