There is so much to discover about the area’s history, its nature and the therapeutic uses of plants here in Dalsland. If you want to know more about this we highly recommend contacting local guides Kerstin Ljunqvist and Patrick Allier. They both live close by and have a keen interest and great knowledge of the area.


Kerstin Ljungqvist lives in Dals Rostock and is an artist, guide, runs her studio and takes care of the Dals Rostock’s herb gardens. Open to the public, the gardens are a living museum over herbs with facts and information over their historical uses. In addition, Kerstin is the author of the book Nyttans Växter, a reference book with over 1000 plants and their uses. She is also involved in the preservation of Doctor Saedens Trail on the grounds of the bed and breakfast and the documentation of the history of Kroppefjäll’s Sanatorium. There are few who can take you on such in depth and rich historical journeys as she.

To book a guided tour with Kerstin contact her on: +46 (0)730-58 68 47 or


Patrick Allier has his roots in France and England. He is an artist, guide and small-scale farmer growing sustainable vegetables at Sandlycke Gård, which is within walking distance of Kroppefjäll B&B. With a keen interest in nature and Dalsland he offers walks and hikes in the hills and forests around Kroppefjäll. Join him to experience the local nature and get inspired. If you are interested in sustainable small scale farming, you can also take a guided tour on Sandlycke Gård.

To book a guided tour with Patrick contact him on: +46 (0)709-32 13 81