KIF is a local sporting association organising judo and football events and training. They are also involved in many of the village’s social events throughout the year. The Judo club is on Kroppefjäll’s grounds with classes at many levels and regular beginner’s classes. KIF adds to the lively atmosphere on site and offers extra activities and happenings on a regular basis.


The old doctor’s house on the grounds is now occupied by a group of weavers. Meeting once a week, the group known as ‘Vävknuten’ or ‘the weaver knot’, have been weaving together since the 70’s. There are 16 large looms and some smaller table-looms. The looms are set up for weaving rugs, kitchen cloths and much more. ‘All you need is determination’ says Margaretha Fredriksson who organises Vävknuten. Contact her on +46 (0)530 202 05.


Helle Manvik, Ultra-marathon runner and member of OK Kroppefjäll also offers a range of consultations, tests and training programs. Contact her at the test center TränaT which is situated on the grounds of Kroppefjäll B&B or read more at the following link, under the TränaT section.