At Kroppefjäll we have room not only for visitors that are staying over but for creators and activites! This is where we’re presenting our current creators on site. Are you one of our new creators or are you searching for a place for your activity? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are renting out studios and other spaces.

Falkens Gröna

Falkens Gröna is run by Anna Renholm Falk who is trained in natural and cultural land management and also has many years of experience in gardening. Anna offers tree pruning, including fruit trees and shrubs, planting, planning and upkeep of gardens. She also offers general clearing, planning and upkeep of natural areas. In addition, Anna is passionate about (and is really good at!) plant based cooking and takes on assignments from both companies and individuals.

Phone: +46702 39 06 03

More info: Falkens Gröna on Facebook

(The menu varies by the seasons and meals from Falkens Gröna needs to be pre ordered.)


Foodtruck Dalsland

Foodtruck Dalsland is modern, fully equipped and available for rent for your private party, business event or simply as marketing on wheels. With its base here at Kroppefjäll, the Foodtruck Dalsland heads out for adventures to serve delicious food made from locally produced ingredients.

More info:

(The menu varies by the seasons and meals from Foodtruck Dalsland needs to be pre ordered.)



KIF is a local sporting association organising judo and football events and training. They are also involved in many of the village social events throughout the year. The Judo club is in Kroppefjäll’s grounds with classes at many levels and regular beginners’ classes. KIF adds to the lively atmosphere on site and offers extra activities and happenings on a regular basis.

På Kroppefjäll anordnar Kroppefjäll IF judoträningar. Dals Rostock, Dalsland.


Maria Ihrén from Nosework Dalsland offers nosework training based in House number Nine here at Kroppefjäll. She sets up exciting challenges and tricky seeking spots in our amazing outdoor environment. Aas a bonus we have lots of trails just around the corner – perfect for a walk with your dog. At Kroppefjäll we love dogs coming to visit our Bed & Breakfast. Both you and your four legged buddy are more than welcome to stay.

Maria Ihrén, the founder of Nosewor Dalsland, has been working with dog training in many different forms since 1997 and has an extensive cv. She is a certified judge in work, obedience and nosework. She is also an instructor in nosework and has competed in track, search and obedience events at an elite level. In addition to this she has trained dogs for the Swedish Home Guard. At Nosework Dalsland, Ihrén mostly concentrates on education, training and competitions in nosework.

For upcoming trainings and competitions – follow Nosework Dalsland on Facebook. You can also contact Maria directly at +4670 512 1689 or You can read more about Nosework Dalsland at their website:

Welcome to Kroppefjäll!


The Veterinarian at Kroppefjäll

Veterinären på Kroppefjäll opened january of 2022 and is run by Ellen Nyberg. The focus of the clinic will be small animals but some horse care will also be offered. In the reception or on the phone you might also meet trained animal caretaker Lisette. Feel free to follow Veterinären på Kroppefjäll at facebook!

Phone: +46530-60 600
More info:


The old doctor’s house in the grounds here at Kroppefjäll is now occupied by a group of weavers. Meeting once a week, the group known as ‘Vävknuten’ or ‘the weaver knot’, has been weaving together since the 70s. There are 16 large looms and some smaller table-looms. The looms are set up for weaving rugs, kitchen cloths and much more. ‘All you need is determination’ says Margaretha Fredriksson who organises Vävknuten. Contact her on +46 (0)530 202 05.