Sustainable farming and nature experiences

Are you interested in cultivation, hiking and would like som inspirational days with cultivator, guide and artist Patrick Allier? This is the deal for you. Patrick moved to Dals Rostock in 2012 and are working with small scale, sustainable, farming. Beyond this he also has a passion for nature and landscape painting – both in which he is very proficient.

Patrick will give you a guided tour in the cropland att Sandlycka Gård – a picturesque, well-preserved farm from the 1860s. There you will get to know more about the thought behind the cropland, the farm and how it comes that he, with roots in England and France, ended up in Dalsland.

In the package deal a guided tour to Svarvaretorpets Nature Reserve is also included. During the two hour hike Patrick will tell you about the area, the geology and will show you the big difference between cultivated woodland and the protected nature in the nature reserve.

In your room at the B&B you have your own, tiled, shower and bathroom and a comfortable bed. When you stay with us a breakfast bag is included in the price – you can eat it in our airy breakfast diner, at the terrace, in your room or maybe outdoors by the lake or in the forest? We also have a sauna, a lounge and of course you can always take a dip in Mörttjärn, the woodland lake in our area.

The heart of our food concept, just as it is in everything that we do, is that it should be easy to be outdoors. For dinner you get the Kroppefjäll Foodbag that includes locally and sustainably produced goods and a recipe that is easy to follow. Either you cook it at one of our barbecue spots or in our guest kitchen at the B&B. Enjoy your meal!

The package includes

  • 2 overnights at Kroppefjäll B&B (in a double room)
  • Breakfast
  • The Kroppefjäll Foodbag for dinner
  • 1 hour guide at Sandlycke Gård
  • 2 hour guide and hike to Svarvaretorpets Nature Reserve

Price for two people: 3995 SEK

Date: According to agreement

Rail Package. Together with Upperud 9:9

Mellerud’s station is just a 65 minute train ride från Gothenburg (Göteborg) central. Travel to Dalsland by train and enjoy a car-free holiday with our rail package! Starting at Mellerud station, the concept includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, two overnight stays, map, mountain bike hire and of course a magical experience in Dalsland’s unforgettable scenery.

The first day’s hike takes you north on a section of Dalsland’s pilgrim trail, on varying terrain; tarmac, gravel and simple paths. The first night is spent at the converted grain storage house in Upperud. Sleep in what was once a silo for storing grain before shipping. The design hotel, situated on the lake shore, is packed with unique architectural and interior design details.

Day two will take you along small country roads, dirt paths and gravel tracks through forests and open landscapes by mountain bike to us at Kroppefjäll B&B. After a good night’s rest and hearty breakfast of local produce you will be ready for the last leg of your journey. A gentle walk following what was once the rail tracks between Dals Rostock and Mellerud. The tracks were rerouted and the rail embankment converted into a cycle and walking path. The 8km walk mainly on tarmac but also some gravel will take you through the open landscape of Dalsland’s flatlands back to Mellerud station.

This trip is best taken during spring, summer or autumn. Do you long to wander to birdsong while spring begins to bloom, slap on sun cream and get out into the summer heat or be tantalised by the magic colours of autumn? We are ready to help! A warm welcome to Dalsland by train!


Day 1

  • Start at Mellerud’s train station.
  • 15 km hike on the Pilgrim trail
  • Check in at Upperud 9:9
  • Dinner and overnight at Upperud 9:9 (double room)

Day 2

  • Breakfast at Upperud 9:9
  • Bring Lunch Package from Upperud 9:9
  • Mountain bike 18 or 32 km (choice of 2 routes)
  • Check in at Kroppefjäll B&B
  • Dinner and overnight at Kroppefjäll B&B (double room)

Day 3

  • Breakfast at Kroppefjäll B&B
  • Lunch Package at Kroppefjäll B&B
  • Walk 8 km to Mellerud’s train station

Price: 3300 SEK

Date: According to agreement

Hen or stag night - together with Dalslands Aktiviteter

The perfect arrangement for a successful day with the soon-to-be bride or groom. The activities are planned according to your wishes based on three different themes: Team-spirit, Challenge or To Experience.

The package includes

  • A day at Dalslands Aktiviteter with two activity sessions (one before and one after lunch)
  • Lunch at the restaurant Stenebygrytan (Dalslands Aktiviteter)
  • Dinner in the evening (Kroppefjälls B&B)
  • Sauna (Kroppefjälls B&B)
  • Overnight stay (Kroppefjälls B&B)
  • Breakfast (Kroppefjälls B&B)

Price: 1895 SEK/per person

Excluding alcohol and transport. Price based on 1 person in a shared double room.

Guided tour to Svarvaretorpet Nature Reserve

Experience the beautiful nature of Svarvaretorpet Nature Reserve in our backyard. Take a walk to and through the reserve and discover this unique gem of a spot with local guide, Patrick Allier.

Price: 200 SEK/person

Hike about 2h. Minimum of 4 persons