For us, sustainability is an important part of our business. Read more about how we apply it in practice:

We strive to use sustainable and locally sourced produce in our kitchen and food concepts. Recycling is integrated into our work structure both behind the scenes and by making it easy for our guests to recycle during their stay.

To save on energy and unnecessary resources, we do not conduct room-housekeeping during your stay. Housekeeping is of course an option should the guest require this service. Furthermore, we adjust room temperatures when unoccupied to reduce unnecessary energy use. Our cleaning and hygiene products are eco labelled.

When renovating and re-designing we focus on upcycling existing furniture and products rather than purchasing new products. When replacing with newly produced furniture and equipment, we make an effort to source sustainable options.

We also encourage our guests to choose from activities in the nearby area to care for the environment, our society and themselves.

At our Bed & Breakfast we have accessibility-adapted rooms so that everyone may have the opportunity to come and stay with us.

We are also ha part of Stepping up Sustainability (Hållbarhetsklivet) -West Sweden’s joint initiative for sustainable tourism. Public and private operators acting to shift to a sustainable society. Read more at their website.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can further contribute to our sustainable business and to help make Kroppefjäll more open to everyone?

Let us know!