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The Dals Rostock Deal

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Two people with bikes and backpacks walks into a green park with pittoresque cabins.

Culture, history and botanics

Kroppefjäll B&B is situated on the edge of the picturesque village of Dals Rostock. The village has a rich history, first centered around its fresh water spring where people came to drink from the mineral-rich well. Today there are many things to do here, such as visiting the ceramic workshop, art and handicraft exhibitions, the antique book store and ‘Brunnsparken’, where you can still drink from the well and wander in the beautiful herb garden. Kroppefjäll B&B too has its own fascinating story, beginning in 1911 when Kroppefjäll’s Sanatorium was first built. One of the many walking tracks through the nature reserve beside our park grounds is ‘Doctor Saedén’s Runda’ (2,7 km). This track is 100 years old and the route is decorated with monuments, all with their own story and meaning.  An important stop is the viewpoint up at ‘Brattås’ where visitors can see the distant peak of Kinnekulle on the other side of Lake Vänern.

Visit the village, immerse yourself in the surrounding nature, enjoy great food and sleep on the edge of the forest at Kroppefjäll B&B. The ultimate combination to give yourself an inspiring, cozy and  even educational visit with that little extra.

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The package includes

  • 2 nights at Kroppefjäll B&B (in a double room)
  • Breakfast (2 mornings)
  • The Kroppefjäll Lunch Package (1 day)
  • The Kroppefjäll Foodbag for dinner (2 days)
Kerstin Ljungqvist trillar piller i det historiska apoteket. Brunnsparken, Dals Rostock.


Single Room: 2695 SEK (1 person)
Double Room: 3795 kr (2 people)
Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want assistance when booking, at +46530-413 00 or
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Meet the fantastic artist Kerstin Ljungkvist in Dals Rostock 

You will find Kerstin’s Ateljé at Brunnsparken. She is not only an artist but also knows nearly all there is to know about the history of the area. She is also an inspiring guide who will happily show you around the wonderful park and tell you all about it. You can hear about the plants in the herb garden and see the old apothecary in the museum. Kerstin also offers guided tours around Kroppefjälls Parken where the Bed and Breakfast is situated and can recount the history of the Sanitorium. Much from the time of the sanatorium can still be seen today, such as ‘Doctor Saedén’s Runda. The Sanitorium’s history is heavily linked to Brunnsparken and the village’s history as a spa resort. For 250 years people came to the village to drink from the well, but also to be cured or revived with a host of different methods. Dals Rostock became one of Sweden’s foremost centers for the farming and harvesting of medicinal plants.

Minimum 4 people. 375 SEK/person. Pre booking only.
Booking/contact: +4673-058 68 47
Kerstin Ljungqvist i örtagården bland blommor, med en korg gula blommor på armen.
Follow in the footsteps of an ancient King and visit the intriguing ‘Ekholmens Gård’ 

Ekholmens is truly quite unique with its main building entirely clad in slate. Even for the slate-rich region of Dalsland, this is quite something. Within the grandiose building you can visit the ‘King’s Chambers’, where King Karl Johan the 14th slept during his visit. The interior is well preserved and is open for visitors all year round.

In the court yard you will find Ekholmen Café och Gårdsbutik, a café and farm store. You can enjoy your coffee with a breathtaking view of the fields and Kroppefjäll’s forested slopes.

Visit the kings room and museum (for about an hour).
Minimum 4 people. 100 SEK/person. Pre booking only.
Booking/contact: Iren +4670-322 59 62

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