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The station house

By 30 March, 2020June 26th, 2021No Comments
10.1.F Stationshuset

In Dals Rostock stands a very small station house at a scale of 1:2, that is, half the size of the original. The station house is a model of the house that stood here 1908-1941 and is a very popular attraction, especially for children given the height of the ceiling and the tiny furniture.

The project was initiated by none other than Kerstin Ljungqvist, who also has her studio in Dals Rostock. The idea was born when Kerstin first saw a post card photo of the original station house from 1908. “Such a shame it was demolished, that which was so beautiful! ”

The station house was very ornamental with spires and towers, decorative carpentry and dragon details. It was inspired by several different styles that were popular at the time. The carved dragon heads are reminiscent of old norse buildings while the station also has elements from the styles of swiss chalets and even from art nouveau. The facade was initially shades of beige and brown while the tower was probably copper plated.

In the past, the station was a meeting place for the youths of the area and many elderly people gladly made their way there to meet acquaintances and watch the world pass by. The station house makes for a great visit, though venturing inside can be a little tiring on the back as the ceiling is only 144 centimeters high. The station house is decorated as it may have looked in the 1910s and the 1920s.

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