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OK Kroppefjäll is a vibrant association passionate about many forms of outdoor training as well as the forests and hills around Kroppefjäll. Their accessibility-adapted clubhouse is located just 750 meters from our facility and next to the clubhouse there are both an outdoor gym and a bike park.

The association promotes and arranges competitions and training sessions in orientering, running, cross country skiing and mountain biking. Here you can purchase Naturpasset (a map for both beginners and veterans who want to try their hand or hone their skills at orientering). A must-do on Sundays from spring to autumn is OK Kroppefjäll’s ‘Tipspromenad’. A tipspromenad or ‘quiz walk’ involves following a marked out trail and answering trivia questions along the way. A great excuse to get some fresh air and both kids and adults get to exercise both their brains and legs! The well marked trails starting at the club house ‘OK Stugan’ are ideal for walking, running, cykling and in the winter, cross country skiing. A map over the trails (from 2,5km to 10km) can be found on OK Kroppefjäll’s website.

If you want to know more about OK Kroppefjäll, please ask us at Kroppefjäll B&B or read more on their website.

Helle Manvik, Ultra-marathon runner and member of OK Kroppefjäll also offers a range of consultations, tests and training programs. Contact her at the test center TränaT which is situated on the grounds of Kroppefjäll B&B or read more at the following link, under the TränaT section.